Transcription Overview


Whether you need to transcribe highly sensitive audio information to text or turn a podcast into a typed transcription that can be found through Internet search engines, transcription services promptly provide quality transcriptions of client's audio to text. Transcription services have been around for years, and have helped numerous companies, individuals, and government agencies transcribe spoken words into typed or written content for legal or practical reasons.
A transcription is a written or printed representation of something. When conducting an important meeting or conversation, it is practical to have a hard copy of spoken words for reference later. If a person were to transcribe the audio recorded from the meeting his or herself, he or she would have a tedious time organizing all the information, especially if it was a particularly long meeting or conversation. As we know, time is money, and that's where transcription services come in. Using the latest technology and professional experience, Speechpad accurately transcribes recorded audio to text so that you won't have to.
Transcription services make sure that clients have quality and accurate transcriptions of audio to text so that the text can be easily organized and archived for later reference. This is highly important for companies and individuals that want to stay organized and have hardcopies of conversations to protect them from liability. Businesses can take advantage of transcription services by recording meetings, phone calls, radio broadcasts, and television shows. This serves as a much easier way to take review notes than through listening to potentially hours of audio.
Transcription services can especially help insurance companies through the use of insurance transcriptions. Insurance companies record conversations from accident victims that can be used as reference later. These conversations are later transcribed verbatim to catch every word, pause, and speech fragment. Transcription services make it much easier for insurance companies to search through documents rather than sit through hours and hours of audio.
The key factor in transcriptions is accuracy. Without an accurate transcription from audio to text, key words, phrases or meanings could be lost in translation. A good transcription service will assure you that your transcription will be handled with the utmost accuracy; if you are dissatisfied for any reason, we offer a full refund.
The second major factor when it comes to transcriptions is the time it takes for a service to transcribe your audio. Some smaller shops can't handle peak loads and will return your transcription late, or quality will suffer. A quality transcription service guarantees turn around time so you can rest assured you will have the transcript when you expect it.
By offering a variety of services, Speechpad can service your every transcription need regardless of file format, from insurance transcription, podcast transcription, voice to text, audio to text, mp3 to text, and even video transcription. We serve everyone from the Fortune 1000 to the college student recording his podcast from his dorm room.