Home medical transcription – Redefining flexi-timing.

Flexi-timing is no longer limited to working mothers. Today, more and more professionals are being given the option to work out of home. Software
engineers are already coding from the comfort of their living rooms. Multinationals like IBM and Accenture are also offering their employees the benefits of coming to work only on a few days.

Medical transcription is not new for Indian companies to tie up with hospitals and private physicians in the USA and UK. The idea of earning while working from home so enthralled 32-year-old homeopathy doctor Ravinder Jain that he gave up her modest practice altogether.

Editing transcribed medical notes dictated by doctors in the US allows her to make Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. To do transcription at home you would need suitable software installed in your home computer and foot pedal.

While people with a science or medical background and a good command over English appear to score over other applicants, almost every company takes its staff through comprehensive training that sometimes lasts for six months. “Awareness of medical knowledge definitely is an edge.

However, there are many medical transcription units in India that also provide placements after training. Proper training of at least six months is a must for anyone desirous of entering this profession

While the company can measure the language skills and concentration levels of the trainee, the trainee can decide whether they find the job interesting enough. Some companies look for medical transcriptionists with experience.