Medical Transcription salaries in India

It’s no wonder that a career in medical transcription can lead to a good salary.

In India Medical Transcription Companies calculate a medical transcriptionist salary using different methods. Either medical transcriptionist are paid on per line basis or on monthly basis. Some company have fixed and variable both component as part of salary.

Before you can decide if this career is right for you, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the job duties associated with medical transcription. In a nutshell, medical transcription is the process of converting a doctor’s notes or audio recordings into a written document. This document is then used for insurance purposes and stored with the patient’s records. A medical transcription expert ensures that all regulatory and insurance industry requirements are fulfilled. These duties can be performed either on-site at a hospital, or from an off-site work location. Many people in the medical transcription field are able to work from home.

A Career in Medical Transcription Offers a Good Salary

Depending on experience, a medical transcription salary offers between Rs 7k and Rs 35k per month. In today’s job market, this isn’t a bad rate for a career that takes minimal training. With a two-year associates degree, you can quickly become a member of the medical transcription workforce.

HL7 transcription

HL7 transcription is nothing but a transcription service that adheres to the rules of Health Level 7, an independent organization that sets international healthcare standards.

Rekha Transcription provides precision-bound, cost-effective HL-7 transcription assistance to several renowned hospitals, clinics and healthcare units. We also assist in providing medical transcription services to several other medical specialties.

Rekha Transcription has a peerless track record in offering excellent HL-7 transcription services to our customers. The group at Rekha Transcription consists of experienced medical transcriptionists who deliver specific and accurate HL-7 transcription services that you require at a really quick turnaround times and also at an incredibly low cost - just 40% of the local US rates.

Best way to handling corrections revision of the Patient Record

The rules to modifying the Patient Record should be strong foundation for the enterprise seeking to develop policies and procedures. In order to ensure the admissibility of the medical record as evidence, the enterprise must first establish policies and procedures that address

• Author authentication
• Medical record access control
• Medical record archiving and retention
• Medical record security
• Medical record disaster recovery policies and procedures

By establishing controls over the creation of medical records, enterprises can ensure the nonrepudiation of corrections, revisions, additions, and addenda made in the normal course of business.

Ultimately, by controlling the how, who, where, and when of creating the medical record, the enterprise establishes the methodology for performing valid corrections, revisions, additions, and addenda.

The best practices of a healthcare enterprise can develop an effective and valid policy and procedure for the correction, revision, addition, and addenda of health information contained within the medical record.

The key characteristics of an effective policy and procedure include

• Author authentication and accountability
• Clear indication of correction or amendment date and time
• Policies and procedures that prevent unauthorized alteration of documents
• Clear delineation of parent document
• Clear delineation of corrected or amended document
• Notification of health information recipients when amendments and corrections occur
• Retention of the parent document for historical reference

Though it is true that no single rule that addresses medical record correction and amendment exists, enough guidance is available to allow healthcare providers to develop a workable policy and procedure to address the creation of valid medical record corrections and amendments.

10 qualities to make good salary

A medical transcriptionist should be good at knowledge, skill and ability. To make good money or salary you should be have following 10 qualities.

1. Basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, disease processes, sign and symptoms, medication, and laboratory values. Knowledge of specialty (or specialties) as appropriate.

2. Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines and practices.

3. Proven skills in English usage, grammar, punctuation, style and editing,

4. Ability to use designated professional reference materials.

5. Ability to operate word processing equipment, dictation and transcription equipments like foot pedal.

6. Ability to work under pressure with time constraints.

7. Ability to concentrate.

8. Excellent learning skills

9. Excellent eye, hand and auditory coordination.

10. Ability to understand and apply relevant legal concept (e.g. confidentiality)

Date Dictated and Date Transcribed

Date Dictated and Date Transcribed

These dates should be recorded to monitor dictation and transcription patterns as well as to provide documentation of when the work (dictation or transcription) was done. Some dictation and transcription systems are specially designed to automatically record these dates.

Health care reports are, among other things, legal documents. As part of risk management, dictation and transcription dates should be entered accurately and should not be altered.

Capitalize D and T and follow each by a colon and appropriate date, using numerals separated by virgules or hyphens.

Some facilities prefer to use six-digit dates and others, eight-digit. All these styles are acceptable.

D: 4/18/00
T: 4/19/00

D: 04-18-00
T: 04-19-00

D: 04/18/2000
T: 04/19/2000

Note: ASTM’s E2184, Standard Specification for Healthcare Document Formats calls for identification of the place of dictation as well.

When the month, day, and year are given in this sequence, set off the year by commas. Do not use ordinals.

She was admitted on December 14, 2001, and discharged on January 4, 2002. not ...January 4th, 2002 (4th is an ordinal)

Do not use commas when the month and year are given without the day,
or when the military date sequence (day, month, year) is used.

She was admitted in December 2001 and discharged in January 2002.

She was admitted on 14 December 2001 and discharged on 4 January 2002.

What to use a.m., AM; p.m., PM ?

When to use a.m., AM; p.m., PM ?
Acceptable abbreviations for ante meridiem(before noon) and post meridiem(after
noon), with the lowercase forms being preferred. Formal publications use small capitals, which, if available, may also be used in transcription.

8:15 a.m. or 8:15 AM or 8:15..AM

Do not use these abbreviations with a phrase such as in the morning, in the evening, tonight, o’clock.

8:15 a.m. not 8:15 a.m. o’clock
10:30 PM not 10:30 PM in the evening

Use periods with a.m. and p.m. so that a.m. won’t be misread as the word am.
Do not use periods with the uppercase AM and PM.

Insert a space between the numerals preceding these abbreviations and the abbreviations themselves, but do not use spaces within the abbreviations.

11 a.m. or 11 AM not 11a.m. or 11AM not 11 a. m. or 11 A M

How much work should an average medical transcriptionist (MT) produce

"How much work should an average medical transcriptionist (MT) produce in a
is one of the most frequently asked questions by managers, supervisors and
others who play numbers games.

To answer the question we must agree on the definition of the average MT. In my opinion, defining the average MT is like searching for the Holy Grail. If you are looking for one, good luck. In my 10 years in this industry, I have yet to meet who would admit it, at least.

MTs may be outpacing their furry friends when it comes to current-day demands. Both remain focused and work diligently for long periods of time, continuing to make extraordinary progress in relatively short periods of time. Given just the right amount of uninterrupted time, knowledge, and experience, both still deliver an impressive final product.

The answer to the question of how much work an average MT should be able to
produce has not changed. You can add to that statement that there is no such thing as an average MT.

How to be a Home Transcriptionist?

Medical transcription is a very popular option for working at home. Landing that first job after training can be tough, but it’s legitimate work once you get going.
But that’s the challenge. Getting things going.

The first thing you need to understand about medical transcription is that you need training at the very least, and quite possibly some experience, before you can find that transcription job from home. Most employers will not train you on the job. Due to the sensitive nature of this field, they need people who are prepared to work and dedicated to their jobs.

Before you sign up with any online medical transcription school, you need to research them. You want to ensure that you have a good shot at actually landing a job afterward. Choose a poor quality school and you are less likely to land any job at all.

Depending on your needs you might consider an online program or visit your community college for courses. You want a high quality is what helps you land that first job. Take the wrong type of training and no one will want to hire you until you have experience.

I personally recommend the online training. For one is more like how to work at home. Training in a school is, well, training in a school. You are not learning as much about self-discipline.

Online training also has the advantage that the best schools are well-known major companies medical transcription. This improves your chances of getting a job and firms know the quality of students in these schools in turn.

Watch out for companies that claim to give you training with no experience that will lead to a job. There is one company in particular which changes names regularly, which emphasizes its “Christian” character, yet is nothing more than a scam. They require students to purchase software, and then you never get good enough to get paid. The name change can make them hard to identify, but the routine stays more or less the same.

When it comes time to look for actual work, many employers will consider you to be an independent contractor rather than an employee. This is an important difference both at tax time and in how you get your equipment. You may be expected to provide your own, although some companies may send it to you.

Medical Transcription as a career

A role of medical transcriptionist is basically to covert voice files to word documents.
The voice files are recorded/dictated by doctors or medical professionals. The transcribed word document is sent back to physician so that it can be printed or stored in computer as a softcopy.

Major business in medical transcription industry is sourced from United State of America.

To build your career in MT no "formal" educational ids required. There are some traditional schools impart trainings, certificate or diploma programs, Some Medical transcription companies do provide on job training too. The training improves the medical terminology knowledge, improves the ability to listen and type simultaneously. Such programs help the MTs to use playback controls like foot pedal.

A trusted certification is CMT (certified medical transcriptionist) and RMT (Registered Medical Transcriptionist) is given by AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription). RMT is entry level medical transcription certification where as CMT is for advance level of transcription. Both of credentials are obtain after pass medical transcription test.

The basic skills required are good knowledge of English language, medical terminology, good typing speed, and stamina to work on stretch, good grasping power.

The medical transcription industry has good growth potential and the salary in this field varies from 0 to 60 thousand rupees per month based on your experience and quality.

Operative Report

A surgeon or an assistant generally dictates the operative reports.

The OP report describes an operation or a surgical procedure for the purpose of correcting and diagnosing medical abnormality or disease. the core of the operative report is about the description of the surgical procedure performed. Another important section of the report is preoperative and postoperative diagnoses performed. Apart from these 2 section other information that are transcribed are physician name, date of procedure performed, indication and surgical findings.

Appropriate filing of medical records is an essential requirement for every physician. Operative note transcription is vital to surgeons. Generating an appropriate and well-timed dictation after an operative procedure is crucial for offering fine medical care to the patient.

Medical Transcription Certification - by MU

For students who have just completed class XII and want to take up a career that directly prepares them for work, University of Mumbai's Garware Institute of Career Education and Development is the place to go to. For under-graduate diploma courses, students seeking admissions will have to appear for an entrance exam followed by an interview.

Medical Transcription
Admission on the basis of a written test and interview
Duration: 6 months (Part time)
Fee Structure: Rs 15,000/-

Is Medical transcription on revival ?

Industry players unanimously agree. "The potential is huge," says Vishal Jain, CEO of Delhi-based Rekha Transcription India. All the key medical transcription companies, he notes, have been logging 30-50% growth. "We are all scrambling for capacity and this is because transcription companies in the United States are scrambling for capacity.

Indeed, that's what is driving this growth. While the $12 billion medical transcription industry there (US), is growing at 20%, the growth of employees is only 10%. The industry, says Valuenotes, will grow to $16.8 billion in 2010.

Around 30% of the work is outsourced in the United States, of which around 10-15% comes to India, which offers a huge cost advantage - work here is 30% cheaper.

Medical transcription was among the first IT-enabled services to be outsourced to India. It is the process whereby one transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports. It is in demand in the US as the entire healthcare industry there is based on insurance and detailed medical records are needed for processing these claims.

After a boom in the mid-1990s, when a lot of mom-and-pop shops erupted on the scene, the industry went bust around 2001, following a huge decline in the quality of work.

Job Profile of Medical Transcriptionist

The primary task of the medical transcriptionist is to transcribe, format and proofread medical records. Medical records for transcription are primarily sourced from the USA. They are outsourced for transcription from a variety of healthcare settings including doctor's offices, private/public hospitals, clinics, laboratories, legal offices, veterinary and medical clinics, research centres. Dictations are done not only by doctors but also by surgeons, nurses pharmacists, therapists, nurses and other paramedical staff. Medical transcriptionists receive the doctor's dictation by tape, digital systems or as a voice data file. Digitised data through the Internet is the most common means of receiving medical data from the USA.

The local transcription company receives the data and they uncompress it. At this point, the medical transcriptionist takes over. Using a suitable word processing programme/application the audio file is transcribed and edited. There are two stages in MT. The first is the actual process of transcription by a medical transcriptionist. This is followed by proofreading and editing. The MT industry employs a number of proofreaders, junior and senior editors as well. Proofreaders and editors perform the following functions:

* Visual proofreading
* Electronic spellcheck
* Grammar check
* Checking for medical inconsistencies and inaccuracies

The medical record - now in text form - is then routed back to the concerned doctor or hospital.

Advantage of being in India


In simple terms, MT is the conversion of doctors’ digitized audio files into text files. The doctor, while examining patients or performing surgery, dictates the details of the procedures into a Dictaphone which is attached to the computers. The data is collected and transferred to the respective Transcription Company in the form of voice files. The Transcription Company downloads these files and transcribes them using sophisticated software. Upon completion, these files are transferred back to the doctors via the Internet.

Advantage of being in INDIA

1) A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA makes it possible for
us to meet the turn-around-time for MT work. Since we work when it
is night in USA, we are able to deliver work faster than Medical
Transcription companies based in USA
2) A huge pool of English speaking and skilled Computer literate
3) Cost of employing qualified personnel is much lower than the USA.

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process where one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.

It involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file, and using earphones, a foot pedal for start-stop control and a word processing program. It sometimes includes the use of a printer and sometimes a modem. A variety of word-processing systems are used. It requires good listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terms.

Home Transcription Jobs booming despite of recession

Despite global economic downtrend, the Medical Transcription (MT) industry is looking for a further growth buoyed by a report of the NASSCOM stating that recession has not hit the healthcare industry.

Reverse is the trend in medical transcription outsourcing in the US, which is witnessing agonising attrition in large scale in IT, financial, manufacturing and other sectors.

MT companies in India observe that the demand for medical transcriptionists is great. There is currently a shortage of qualified medical transcriptionists - and demographic trends suggest that the outlook will continue to be favorable for some time to come. Good medical transcriptionists typically have no problem in obtaining and maintaining employment.

“High-speed Internet access and faster, more reliable operating systems have made collaboration and information exchange more efficient than ever before. Technology advances such as these make it possible for us to offer home-based transcriptionists positions to our staff. This enables us to create a pleasant, family-friendly work environment that promotes both productivity and employee satisfaction,” says Anupam Gupta, HR Executive,

Home medical transcription – Redefining flexi-timing.

Flexi-timing is no longer limited to working mothers. Today, more and more professionals are being given the option to work out of home. Software
engineers are already coding from the comfort of their living rooms. Multinationals like IBM and Accenture are also offering their employees the benefits of coming to work only on a few days.

Medical transcription is not new for Indian companies to tie up with hospitals and private physicians in the USA and UK. The idea of earning while working from home so enthralled 32-year-old homeopathy doctor Ravinder Jain that he gave up her modest practice altogether.

Editing transcribed medical notes dictated by doctors in the US allows her to make Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. To do transcription at home you would need suitable software installed in your home computer and foot pedal.

While people with a science or medical background and a good command over English appear to score over other applicants, almost every company takes its staff through comprehensive training that sometimes lasts for six months. “Awareness of medical knowledge definitely is an edge.

However, there are many medical transcription units in India that also provide placements after training. Proper training of at least six months is a must for anyone desirous of entering this profession

While the company can measure the language skills and concentration levels of the trainee, the trainee can decide whether they find the job interesting enough. Some companies look for medical transcriptionists with experience.

How to choose a Medical Transcription course

Medical Transcription is an industry that is exploding. It is prestigious and in demand. An individual who performs medical transcription is known as a medical transcriptionist (MT) or a medical transcriber. A medical transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting the patient's medical records into typewritten format rather than handwritten.

In the course of my research, the first thing I learned was that you can't just jump into a career as an MT without training. Medical transcription requires a practical knowledge of medical language, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, laboratory, medicine, and the internal organization of medical reports. Thus, the medical transcriptionist must be well versed in the language of medicine. Some qualities of a successful MT's are:
· Independent by nature.
· Word Specialist.
· Perfectionist.
· Detail oriented.
· Training options.

Transcription is one of those jobs that many people know can be done from home, and so the interest level is very high. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there trying to capitalize on that interest. The results are over-priced and sub-standard courses.

When you take the time to research the skills that a quality MT needs, it will become evident that a shorter or less comprehensive course of study is not going to give you what you need to succeed in the workplace. Many prospective students who look into very inexpensive fast programs buy into the idea that they can learn medical transcription quickly and then begin making good money right away, but as I think a MT course should offer a prospective MT student is an in-depth, comprehensive program of study including extensive study in every and all subject areas relating to advanced medical transcription and not just the basics.

As an MT student, you are going to have countless questions pertaining to your coursework and a good course needs to provide you with someone who can answer those questions quickly and comprehensively. It is important to know what you are doing wrong and why and what you are doing right. In the workplace an MT needs to work with a high percent of accuracy at between 98-99%. When MTs fall below that accuracy level, they are putting their jobs in risk. In a program, a MT should get immediate feedback on-line after each lesson. In other words, you will have the support of a trained instructor throughout the entire program, and this is imperative for your success.

MT course should offer extensive transcription practice. It is my experience that practice makes perfect. Working MTs come across a variety of difficult accents and medical specialties and without enough practice with real world dictation, the new MT could struggle in the real work environment.

MT course should offer a great deal of real world dictation practice by real doctors. The dictation you will be transcribing comes from a variety of specialties and includes very difficult dictators. It is important to get enough practice while in school so that when you graduate, you will be able to handle the most difficult types of dictation.

Home Medical Transcription - Boon for house wives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home transcription, the latest incarnation of it-enabled services, is arriving at your doorstep, all set to mesmerise a large number of housewives among others in the country.

MTHomeMD a home based medical transcription company in India and US, employs a team of over 250 home transcriptionists (hbts) across India and has plans recruit 800 more during this year. Tipped to be the next big thing in the job market here, home transcription, essentially home-based medical transcription, which is hugely popular in the us and accounts for almost 90 per cent of the industry, offers a lucrative job prospect to those who can follow American English with an exposure to medical terms. Primarily targeted at qualified housewives, a home transcriptionist (hbt) can earn up to Rs 10,000 per month, with the comfort and convenience of working from home, coupled with flexible schedule, tailor-made to suit individual needs.

By adopting the home-based model, which has been tested and tried successfully in the us, companies are trying to eliminate the facility costs. Besides this, it widens the scope to tap the qualified people.

“it's a pleasurable job that i am doing. after my children leave, i work till lunch time everyday,'' says Jhuma Guha, 39-year-old housewife with two children.

Home Transcription and Work-Life balance

Many medical transcriptionist are de-prioritising achieving a work-life balance in today's work culture of high pressure and competitiveness.

According to a recent US study for the Center for Work-Life Policy, of the 1.7 million respondents who agreed they suffered from excessive work hours and job stress, a whopping 64 per cent admitted it was "self-inflicted", and was taking a toll on their lives. Eighty-one per cent of the respondents said work was adversely affecting their health while 46 per cent felt it was affecting their interpersonal relationships.

While doing medical transcription work from home allows you to stay at home while letting someone else remain in control of the business aspects, if you are uncomfortable with it.

There is no rule as such for what a proper work-life balance is. Your personal circumstances, whether you are in your late 30s, married with children and living with inlaws or a swinging single, fresh out of university, determine your priorities. The bottom line is simply to invest some quality time for yourself, to allow yourself the chance to 'stop and smell the roses' rather than letting work and strain overcome you.

How much money can you make with home based medical transcription?

Home based medical transcriptionis one of the most popular and fastest growing choices for a home business. Its Because it's easy to learn if you don't have experience, start up costs are very low, and you can make as much money as you want to make.

The important factor for a success of home based transcription is motivation. As you are your own boss and have to work without supervision.

How much money can you make with home based medical transcription?

This varies, depending on whether you want to work part time or full time. If you can type at a comfortable rate of speed, you can easily earn $25 per hour and more. If you can obtain enough business and hire others to work for you, it's easy to make up to $100,000 per year!

The basic skills you need to start this type of business are good typing and spelling skills. You don't need to type 100 words per minute to be successful in a home based medical transcription business - 40 or 50 is all you need.

A few other perks of having your own business: Flexible hours, no commute expenses like gas, reduced daycare expenses if you can keep your little ones at home. Wouldn't it be nice to work the hours you want? Work in the morning or evening, whenever YOU choose. Be your own boss!
Even if you know nothing about medical transcription, there are many online courses and guides that can take you step by step through everything you need to be successful. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars going to school in order to learn this highly popular occupation. - A Home Medical Transcription Company

MThomeMD is a proficient company that provides MT home jobs for people interested in medical transcription (MT) and who would like to work from home. MThomeMD has been providing MT work at home opportunities for a decade. We offer comprehensive home based Medical Transcription.

All of our home transcriptionist are intelligent, smart and experienced
We provide a unique opportunity to draw parallels between earning smart cash with that of meeting family obligations. Our business program offers you a chance to use your computer skills, online experience and today's technology to generate a unique business, while enjoying a full time income, working part time / full time from home. Increase your income as needed and as your schedule permits. No more early morning chaos for you! Just get up in the morning, plop down in front of your computer and start working at your own pace…
We have a per line quantity and quality-dependent payment system, hence you can plan the amount of work that you wish to do on a daily basis.
If YES? Then kindly register. they will get back to you

Medical Transcription Work From Home

Many people are faced with choices in their lives about where they want to work. Some people really like the fast pace of the medical industry, and they spend years training in that field. However, sometimes they would like to be able to have the freedom to work from home. This can be something that is hard to do unless you know what you are doing, and it can often seem like a waste to spend years working in the medical field, only to stop when it comes time to work at home. Therefore, lots of people like to work at home and stay in that same field. For instance, medical transcription work from home is something that is currently popular.

Many people like to do medical transcription work from home because they find that it keeps them in the medical field. By doing medical transcription, they can be sure that they are still doing something that they love to do ,and this is something that they will always really enjoy. The medical transcription field is something that is also difficult to get into if you do not have much work or training in the medical field. Therefore, the people who do the medical transcription job at home are people who are well trained in this area and who really like what they are doing.

If you are interested in doing medical transcription work, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, it is very helpful if you have some experience in the medical field so that you will be able to know what you are doing and so that you will not need to have very much training. Often, employers would rather find people to do the medical transcription that already know what they are doing, than to hire brand new people who might not know what they are doing. Therefore, it is important to take care of the training first. If you know what you are doing you will have a better chance of getting what you need out of the job.

Next, you want to be sure that you are finding medical transcription work from home that are jobs that you can really do. Make sure that they are legitimate companies that are offering real jobs to real people. This is something that you should be sure of, and it should be something that you can do on your own. Do your research and be sure that you are working for a good company.

Lastly, you want to take a look at the money that they are offering you before you start. Be sure that you are doing a job that pays you the right amount of money. Do not be afraid to look for other medical transcription work from home work if you are not going to be getting enough money from the first job. This is something that you want to think carefully about because it is going to be important.
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Medical Transciption Salaries

Salary of a medical transcriptionist depends upon many variables like his/her experience, quality, quantity of work.

In medical transcription salary of a fresher are low as 2k per month, which gradually grows with experience. Average salary of a MT with 4 years experience is 20k. And average salary of a QA is 28K. Where home transcriptionist earn more and higher expenses too.

Important deciding factor is the knowledge in types of report like ortho or radio. If you are a transcriptionist and doing only orthopedic reports than your growth in salary could be limited as there are many ortho transcriptionist are in industry. Where as have if you have good knowledge and experience in dermatology then your chance of earning more than and any another transcriptionist with same experience are bright.

In medical transcription salary of a fresher are low as 2k per month, which gradually grows with experience. Average salary of a MT with 4 years experience is 20k. And average salary of a QA is 28K. Where home transcriptionist earn more and higher expenses too.

In every job growth happens an employee has proves himself/herself as a dependable and loyal employee over the period of time.

Affordable medical transcription in USA

Salary of a medical transcriptionist

Working From Home: A Medical Transcriptionist Salary

Many people are seeking flexible jobs that allow them to work from home. Medical transcriptionist jobs offer a great option for anyone who dreams of commuting to their home office for work. As for a medical transcriptionist salary, the more experienced you are as a medical transcriptionist, the higher your salary. If you're wondering where to find the best medical transcriptionist training before applying for jobs, don't miss this interview!

Medical transcriptionist Archana recently gave us inside information about medical transcriptionist training, helpful websites for medical transcriptionists, home-based medical transcriptionist jobs, and medical transcription companies. She also gave us a realistic picture of a medical transcriptionist salary and what it's like to attend training. This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in working from home or pursuing medical transcriptionist jobs.

What is the average medical transcriptionist salary?

The average medical transcriptionist salary is about $40K. Pay is based on production, so the more productive a transcriptionist is, the more they earn. An experienced transcriptionist, with high production, easily earns $70K medical transcriptionist salary per year.

How to select a home transcription company?

Medical transcription was introduced about a decade ago. Since then, the medical transcription industry has changed and is quite different to what it used to be. Online and home based medical transcription is convenient and has become increasingly popular to everyone for money making.

Before you begin transcription for a company, you should look for following points

Look for Reputation
Look for Pay for Performance
Look for opportunities

Medical transcription was introduced about a decade ago. Since then, the medical transcription industry has changed and is quite different to what it used to be. Online and home based medical transcription is convenient and has become increasingly popular to everyone for money making.

Before you begin transcription for a company, you should look for following points

Look for Reputation

You must make sure it is legitimate and has a good history and reputation with employees and in medical transcription industry.

Knowing the numbers of their MTs who have benefited from the company and what kind of advice they give could help.

Look for Pay for Performance

A key to getting onto the fast-track is for you to work for the right company. The right MT company is one that respects its transcriptionist and practices pay for performance.

On the other hand the people running the show should be realistic towards the quality and quantity. Pay for performance is good but should be a realistic.

Look for opportunities
Be sure that there are lots of opportunities for you to grow, develop and advance in your company. A company should have ample amount of work/clients. Your future is too valuable to waste where there is no future.

How much money does a medical transcriptionist make while working from home?

While working from home as transcriptionists you can make handsome amount of money for a month. It’s a common known fact that in MT industry the billing is done on per line basis. After researching the industry the average payout per line based on quality and level is

Medical transcription and home based business is one of the best combinations which is flourish in India. Home based transcription started in United States and became very popular, where as in India the medical transcription companies were more popular then HMT.

But after recession hitting the globe, it has become difficult for medical transcription companies to sustain their existence and thus giving boost to home based medical transcription option.

While working from home as transcriptionists you can make handsome amount of money for a month. It’s a common known fact that in MT industry the billing is done on per line basis. After researching the industry the average payout per line based on quality and level is

Level ----- --- Type ----- Rs/Line ----- Quality
MT - - - - - -- Easy - - - - .8 - - - - - - 95%
MT - - - - - -- Difficult - - 1 - - - - - - 95%
MT Direct - - - Easy - - - -- 1.15 - - - -- 99.8%
MT Direct - - - Difficult - - 1.3 - - - - - 99.8%
QA - - - - - -- Easy - - - -- .5 - - - - -- 100%
QA - - - - - -- Difficult - - .7 - - - - -- 100%

So, if your level is MT-Direct and you do 1000 lines a day, 5 days a week then your monthly line count would be close to 22000 and monthly payout would be close to 30 thousand. Which is a very decent monthly income.

When ever taking home based transcription job, you can refer the matrix above.

Future of Home Medical Transcription

Most common overhead items that business have are like building rent, office furnishings, equipment leases, payroll, and inventory which don't usually exist with a home based medical transcription business. And that’s why many companies are focusing on home-based transcription model and thus giving more opportunities for transcriptionist.

The important advantages of doing a home based transcription that is overlooked by entrepreneur is low overhead or least fixed cost. Low overhead plays a vital role is success of any business and becomes even more important during difficult economic times.

Most common overhead items that business have are like building rent, office furnishings, equipment leases, payroll, and inventory which don't usually exist with a home based medical transcription business. And that’s why many companies are focusing on home-based transcription model and thus giving more opportunities for transcriptionist.

That doesn’t mean that home-based medical transcription business model can’t fail; it certainly can. It mainly depends upon the quality of work and turn around time. It becomes our (transcriptionist) moral responsibility to deliver work in time and with best quality. As we are the one who will be deciding the future of home based MT.