US Recession and Medical Transcription

Time has come for to realize that US financial crisis can affect Medical transcription industry too and will gradually effect transcriptionist wallet. As transcriptionist get paid by MT companies, and MT companies get paid by physicians, and physician get money from insurance companies or from the patients themselves.

The majority of patients don’t have insurance, then it depends upon how much cash do they have?

If the income were suddenly reduced or eliminated, are they prepared? I’ll tell you one thing; Washington does not have a “bailout plan” for you personally.

That’s definitely not going to happen. So there will be no “government lottery.” As hard as it might be for you to believe, there are people who aren’t worried at all right now, why? Because they have no debt! If they lost their income, they won’t lose their home, they won’t lose their cars, and many of them have enough cash to live on for quite a while. Okay, debt free and worriless living is a different topic.

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