How much money can you make with home based medical transcription?

Home based medical transcriptionis one of the most popular and fastest growing choices for a home business. Its Because it's easy to learn if you don't have experience, start up costs are very low, and you can make as much money as you want to make.

The important factor for a success of home based transcription is motivation. As you are your own boss and have to work without supervision.

How much money can you make with home based medical transcription?

This varies, depending on whether you want to work part time or full time. If you can type at a comfortable rate of speed, you can easily earn $25 per hour and more. If you can obtain enough business and hire others to work for you, it's easy to make up to $100,000 per year!

The basic skills you need to start this type of business are good typing and spelling skills. You don't need to type 100 words per minute to be successful in a home based medical transcription business - 40 or 50 is all you need.

A few other perks of having your own business: Flexible hours, no commute expenses like gas, reduced daycare expenses if you can keep your little ones at home. Wouldn't it be nice to work the hours you want? Work in the morning or evening, whenever YOU choose. Be your own boss!
Even if you know nothing about medical transcription, there are many online courses and guides that can take you step by step through everything you need to be successful. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars going to school in order to learn this highly popular occupation.