Home based Medical Transcription

The simplest definition of Transcription is conversion of voice to electronic text form. Medical Transcription is an IT enabled service that requires specialized skills in utilizing Information technology in converting the voice data of the doctors who are in the US, consisting of patient history and medical advises into electronic documents. Medical transcription as an industry in India has shown very encouraging growth providing employment for millions of Indian youth, as well as business opportunities. Medical transcription is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country today, notifies the U.S. Department of Labor. It is ranked #14 in the top 25 professions and is ranked as a #1 home based MT career. The continuous growing demand for medical transcriptionists is attributed to a growing and aging population. Older age groups receive greater numbers of medical tests, procedures, etc. This growing demand is also spurred by the need for electronic documentation that can be easily accessed by providers, third-party payers, consumers, etc.