How To Start Home Based Medical Transcription?

A lot of people think about starting home based MT, but don't know where to begin. Others worry about failure. You don't have to worry with medical transcription because you can start small and build up your business at your own pace, in your spare time. You don't have to give up a job to start medical transcription at home if you don't want to. That's what is so nice about it.

The Basic Requirement to start home medical transcription are

1) Hardware required for medical transcription
a. Computer
i. RAM – Minimum 256 MB
ii. Hard Disk – Minimum 20 GB
iii. CPU – Minimum 2.2 Ghz
b. Foot Pedal
c. Ear phones
d. Amplifier

I strongly recommend 512 MB of RAM or above as while transcribing a medical report you would require to open multiple application (like medical dictionary, spell checker, word, IE, etc) simultaneously. Hence more the memory you have the more would be the speed of the computer.

2) Softwares required for Medical Transcription
a. Preferable WinXP,
b. Microsoft Office 2000
c. Medical Dictionaries
d. Spell Checker
e. Line Counter application for invoicing

For free line counter application you can drop me a mail at

Important :
Need not to worry about getting work. Just register on and someone would contact you for sure. They are good and reliable on payments. Only issue with MTHomeMD is initial response is late (may be a month), but once they enroll you then there is no looking back.