Medical Transcription salaries in India

It’s no wonder that a career in medical transcription can lead to a good salary.

In India Medical Transcription Companies calculate a medical transcriptionist salary using different methods. Either medical transcriptionist are paid on per line basis or on monthly basis. Some company have fixed and variable both component as part of salary.

Before you can decide if this career is right for you, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the job duties associated with medical transcription. In a nutshell, medical transcription is the process of converting a doctor’s notes or audio recordings into a written document. This document is then used for insurance purposes and stored with the patient’s records. A medical transcription expert ensures that all regulatory and insurance industry requirements are fulfilled. These duties can be performed either on-site at a hospital, or from an off-site work location. Many people in the medical transcription field are able to work from home.

A Career in Medical Transcription Offers a Good Salary

Depending on experience, a medical transcription salary offers between Rs 7k and Rs 35k per month. In today’s job market, this isn’t a bad rate for a career that takes minimal training. With a two-year associates degree, you can quickly become a member of the medical transcription workforce.